I've heard about this, but how does it work?

Nov 09, 2015

I've heard about this, but how does it work?  We hear this often from folks that see us at shows or messages that we receive from social media and even emails.  So here we go.  This is what it is and how it works.

  • What is The Christmas Angel? It's not mischievous! The angel is a reminder of the angel that came to Mary with that wonderful message! During Christmas the angel visits and leaves our kids messages but the messages are all about what the child can do for someone else! Because of God's son Jesus - the PERFECT gift of LOVE - how can we teach our kids to give, love and serve those around them! 
  • How does the child receive the message?  The product comes with "golden dust" and you can write in it or you can simply write a message on a card, chalkboard or anything else you have lying around the house.  It's like we say - it doesn't matter how they receive a message as long as they are getting a message.  To read a blog on "Many ways to leave a message" click here.
  • What messages?  Where do I get those?  We are here to help! We have several calendars with messages already laid out for you to choose from.  You can start December 1st, December 5 or WHENEVER you want!  Our angel comes to visit us about a week and a half before Christmas.  So make it whatever fits best for you and your family! You can find our 25 Days of Messages calendars here.
  • Who does the message?  Most of the time the parent does.  However, if your children are older they can be the ones responsible for coming up with the messages that they would like to do throughout the season.
  • Why The Christmas Angel?  We, as parents, have just a little bit of time to raise our children and be intentional with that time with them.  Our job is to point them to Jesus, not just at Christmas but all the time.  My husband and I do not take this responsibility lightly and know that The Christmas Angel is just a fun and creative way to do that during Christmas time.  So, The Christmas Angel is just a fun and creative way to do that during the Christmas season.
    For God so loved the world that He gave, therefore we love and we give.  Why not use this giving season to teach your child about giving, loving and serving others?
    Check out our blog post:  5 reasons to start The Christmas Angel tradition!
  • Where can I get one?  The Christmas Angel is mostly sold here on our website.  There are a few retailers but at this time we are focusing on getting our friends and fans to spread the joy of what this tradition is all about!

    See! There is no mischief. It's not about good or bad behavior and it's not an angel that watches after you.  It's purposeful and intentional with a creative twist! Our hope is that The Christmas Angel allows your family to focus on the true meaning while allowing the whole family to experience the JOY of GIVING to others! 

We would appreciate it if you would share with all of your friends!





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