I think my angel is broken!

Sep 25, 2015

I think my angel is broken are words no business owner wants to hear.

Dear parents of older children (2nd grade and older).  Dear parents that do not want to be the one that comes up with message...

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DIY Floor

Sep 10, 2015

We have 3 kids.  We are dirty, nasty individuals.  Our carpet in our family room had seen better days and I knew this when the carpet cleaner guy came over for about the 5th time and said "I'll...

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How to introduce your angel

Aug 31, 2015

We are asked quite frequently:

How do we introduce our angel(s) to the family?

Answer:  A.  I do apologize, but I do not have anything genius here. I am sure there are many ways, but we think reading...

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Lisa Dorough

Hello there! I'm Lisa a wife, mom of 3, Jesus loving, business owner that loves any and everything creative!



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