No rules, just Jesus

Aug 30, 2015

Ok, sorry for the cheesy title.  I would like to try and get something very important across to you guys that love Jesus, your kids and The Christmas Angel, but first a little background on me.

I am...

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Why An Angel

Aug 25, 2015

With The Christmas Angel tradition why did we choose an angel and not a wiseman, or a mouse or even an elf? The Christmas Angel story is based on the story of how an angel came to Mary with that...

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Glitter!??! Really, Glitter!??!

Aug 18, 2015

Ok ok! Here’s a little background on why we chose glitter. I can tell you for a fact that my friends and family are not shocked at all by this detail with The Christmas Angel. I am the type of person...

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Lisa Dorough

Hello there! I'm Lisa a wife, mom of 3, Jesus loving, business owner that loves any and everything creative!



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